How to grow Courgettes and Marrows

Courgettes and marrows, though different in size and maturity, share the same botanical origin, offering gardeners a versatile and low-maintenance addition to their plots. With their prolific nature and minimal care requirements, these cucurbitaceous delights are a perfect choice for novice gardeners seeking a rewarding harvest.

Understanding the Basics: Courgettes vs. Marrows

While courgettes are harvested when young and tender, marrows are left on the vine to mature, resulting in larger, more substantial fruits. Despite their differences in size, both varieties originate from the same plant species, offering a continuum of culinary possibilities for the discerning gardener.

Preparing the ground

Unlike many garden crops, courgettes and marrows thrive in beds with minimal disturbance, making them well-suited for cultivation in prepared holes rather than expansive tilled plots. Begin by excavating a hole approximately 1-2 feet wide, enriching the soil with ample quantities of well-rotted manure or organic matter.

Sowing and planting out

You can start sowing seeds, either within the confines of a greenhouse or on a sun-drenched windowsill, from late April to June. Outdoor sowing should be delayed until the threat of frost has subsided. Following the last frost, transplant seedlings into the prepared holes, providing additional protection with cloches during the vulnerable establishment phase. Throughout the summer months, maintain consistent moisture levels to support vigorous growth and fruit development.


For courgettes, the ideal harvesting window occurs when the fruits reach a modest length of 4-5 inches, signifying peak tenderness and flavor. Simply twist or cut the fruit from the plant using a sharp knife. In contrast, marrows warrant a longer growing period, reaching their prime when they attain a substantial length of 9-11 inches. To maximize freshness and flavor, harvest courgettes as needed, as they possess limited storage capabilities. Alternatively, blanching and freezing offer viable preservation methods for prolonged enjoyment throughout the year.


When selecting cultivars for your garden, consider notable varieties renowned for their productivity, flavor, and disease resistance:

  • ‘Defender’ AGM: This esteemed variety boasts exceptional yield potential and resilience to cucumber mosaic virus, offering a bountiful harvest of solid mid-green fruits over an extended season.
  • All Green Bush: A reliable favorite among gardeners, this variety showcases rapid development and consistent summer yields, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a steady supply of tender courgettes throughout the growing season.