How to Grow Onions

Growing onions offers a fulfilling journey for gardeners, presenting two distinct avenues for cultivation: from seed or sets.

From Seed

Sow onion seeds with care, placing 1-2 seeds in each module. Maintain consistent moisture levels and provide a warm environment conducive to germination. As seedlings mature, transplant them into prepared beds.

From Sets

Prepare the soil in advance by enriching it with a layer of manure and thorough digging. Plant onion sets in well-defined drills, ensuring the necks protrude slightly above the soil surface. Regular watering is essential to promote robust growth and minimize stress on developing plants.

Harvesting and storage

Monitor onion plants closely as the transition from vibrant green to golden yellow heralds the onset of harvest. Once harvested, lay the bulbs in a warm, dry area to dry completely before storage. Various methods, such as hanging in nets, braiding, or boxing, offer viable options for preserving onions’ freshness and flavor for extended periods.

Pests and diseases

Combat potential threats to onion health by rotating planting locations to minimize the risk of pests and diseases such as onion neck rot, white rot, and onion fly. Additionally, investing in fresh sets annually helps mitigate disease transmission and ensures a healthy crop year after year.