The Vegetable Growing Year: Jobs to do in December

As winter settles in and the days grow shorter, December marks the onset of colder weather. However, the chilliest temperatures typically arrive in late January or early February, giving you plenty of time to tackle essential winter tasks.

Preparing the Beds

While December may offer limited gardening opportunities, especially if the ground is frozen, there are still vital tasks to attend to:

  • Bed Maintenance: Continue digging over the beds, incorporating organic matter where needed. Take care not to disturb soil excessively if it becomes sticky or frozen.
  • Compost Management: Spend this time to turn over compost heaps, which helps promotes even decomposition. Covering them is advisable to prevent nutrient loss through rain leaching.

What to harvest

Despite the colder weather, some crops still thrive, offering sustenance and flavor:

  • Storage Check: Regularly inspect stored vegetables, discarding any showing signs of decay.
  • Leeks: Leave leeks in the ground until required. Leeks will survive perfectly throughout the winter months.
  • Root Vegetables: Lift celery, parsnips, and swedes as needed. If the ground is frozen, you can cover them with straw to allow you to dig them up easily.
  • Brussels Sprouts: harvest sprouts from the base upwards. Remove any yellowing leaves to maintain plant vigor.

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