How to grow Leeks

Leeks, with their mild flavor and enduring hardiness, are a quintessential winter vegetable that graces the garden with its presence year after year. Their resilience to winter conditions makes them a reliable addition to the garden, thriving even in the face of frost. To ensure optimal growth, regular watering during dry spells and placement in a sheltered area with well-drained soil are essential considerations.


While some early varieties may be sown as early as January, most varieties can be sown in March or April. Begin by planting multiple seeds per module, later thinning them down to one or two seedlings. Come June or July, when seedlings reach the size of a pencil, they’re ready to be transplanted into the garden.

Planting Out

The hallmark of a perfectly blanched leek lies in its pristine white stems, achieved through the exclusion of light during growth. To facilitate this process, prepare the planting holes by pressing an existing spade handle firmly into the soil to create holes of 6 inches in depth, spaced at regular intervals of 6-9 inches apart. Once the holes are ready, carefully insert the seedlings, ensuring the roots are well-covered, and water thoroughly to promote establishment. Throughout the growing season, maintain consistent moisture levels and diligently weed the bed to minimize competition for nutrients.


Employing a trowel, gently loosen the soil around the base of the plant, taking care to protect the delicate root system. With care, lift the leek from the ground, marveling at the crisp, flavorful stems ready to grace your culinary creations.


When selecting leek varieties for your garden, consider standout options renowned for their compact habit and exceptional disease resistance:

  • ‘Krypton’ AGM: With its upright, compact growth habit, ‘Krypton’ is an ideal choice for small plots or confined growing areas. Offering superior protection against diseases, this variety promises a bountiful harvest of crisp, flavorful stems.
  • ‘Porbella’ AGM: Celebrated for its long season and luscious pure white stems, ‘Porbella’ delights gardeners with its robust growth and deep green foliage, ensuring a visually stunning addition to any garden bed.