How to Grow Peas

Peas, a staple in many gardens, offer not only delicious flavor but also nutritional benefits. Learning how to grow peas can be rewarding, providing fresh produce for your table. In this guide, we’ll explore simple yet effective methods to growing peas in your garden.

Preparing the Soil

Before planting, ensure your soil is well-drained and rich in organic matter. Peas thrive in slightly acidic to neutral soil with good drainage. Incorporating compost or well rotted manure can improve soil structure and fertility, providing a favorable environment for your peas.

Planting Peas

Plant peas directly into the ground once the soil has warmed in early spring. Sow seeds in shallow trenches, roughly 1 inch deep and in rows about 12 inches apart. Firmly press the soil over the seeds and water gently to ensure germination.

Supporting Growth

Peas are climbers and require support as they grow. Install trellises, stakes, or pea netting to provide a structure for the plants to climb. This not only encourages vertical growth but also keeps the vines off the ground, reducing the risk of disease and pest damage.

Watering and Maintenance

Consistent watering is essential for healthy peas. Keep the soil evenly moist, especially during flowering and pod development. Mulching around the base of the plants can help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Regularly check for pests and diseases, addressing any issues promptly to prevent damage to your crop.

Harvesting Peas

Harvest peas when the pods are plump and firm, but before they become overly mature and starchy. Use scissors or pruners to snip the pods from the vine, taking care not to damage the plant. Enjoy your fresh peas immediately or preserve them for later use by freezing or canning.


When selecting cultivars for your garden, consider notable varieties renowned for their productivity, flavor, and disease resistance:

  • Onward: a popular dwarf variety known for its large, tasty peas and prolific yield.
  • Waverex: a petite, super-sweet, early pea, Waverex peas are a popular UK heirloom and a heavy cropper.

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