The Vegetable Growing Year: Jobs to do in January

As we enter January, it’s time to attend to those essential winter tasks that you’ve not done yet. Here are some suggestions to guide your efforts this month.

Inspect Your Stores

Take a moment to assess any vegetables you’ve stored for the winter. Look out for signs of rot or pest infestations that may have developed during the colder months. Discard any produce that doesn’t meet the mark to ensure the quality of your stored goods remains high.

Early Potato Prep

For those aiming for an early potato harvest, now is the perfect time to start chitting your potatoes. If you are looking for an extra early harvest, you can grow some potatoes in containers and keep them protected in a greenhouse.

Ground Preparation

Prepare for the upcoming growing season by laying the groundwork, quite literally. If you’re planning on growing runner beans, start digging a trench approximately 12-14 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Fill this trench with kitchen scraps, newspapers, and cardboard, then cover it with soil. By springtime, this organic matter will have decomposed, enriching the soil and providing the perfect environment for your beans. Additionally, if you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to add plenty of organic matter to your beds.

Harvest Winter Vegetables

While the cold weather persists, take advantage of the bounty still available in your garden. Parsnips, carrots, and swedes can be left in the ground and harvested as needed. And don’t forget about winter brassicas such as sprouts, cabbage, and kale; ensure they’re adequately protected from harsh weather conditions to prolong their harvest. Leeks can also be harvested, even if they look a little worse for wear due to the weather.

Cleaning your tools

Regular maintenance of your tools is essential and winter is the perfect time to do this. Clean any soil and debris from them and if necessary, give them a good oil, especially tools such as secateurs.

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