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How to make nettle and comfrey fertiliser

Making nettle and comfrey fertiliser is something I do every year. It’s basically free fertiliser that doesn’t cost me a penny. I tend you use my comfrey fertiliser for my tomatoes and courgettes, and the nettles for everything else. They are both full of vital nutrients, and is something I recommend everyone should make.

Making nettle and comfrey fertiliser is extremely easy:

  1. Get a bucket and fill it with either nettles or comfrey.
  2. Fill the bucket with water but leave enough so it doesn’t overflow.
  3. Every couple of days, give it a stir and after two-three weeks, it will be ready. Word of warning though, it will smell foul.
  4. Filter out the mixture into another bucket to clear out the debris.
  5. When you want to use it, dilute the liquid to one part nettle/comfrey to 10 parts water. The darker the liquid, the more you will need to dilute it.

At the moment, I’ve got a batch of each brewing. I reckon they need another week or so before they are ready to use